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GSR Biofeedback Monitor - Overview

The Psychometric Research GSR Meter is a professional biofeedback monitor designed for hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.  It measures the Galvanic Skin Response, giving the therapist near-instant feedback of a client’s general state of relaxation and immediate emotional reactions.

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We have many years experience in the design of electronic biofeedback equipment and our current design, which we have been producing for over 10 years, is the result of this experience combined with much testing 'in the field' by professional hypnotherapists.

Our meter has gained a strong reputation for reliability and accuracy, and we are proud that many UK hypnotherapy schools recommend our meter to their students.  You can read here some of the feedback we have received over the years.

Use of modern microprocessor technology enables us to maintain a very reasonable cost for this highly accurate device.

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